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How To Start Your Shopify Store


Are you thinking of building your own online shop? Maybe you’ve come up with a great idea for a product now you’d like to test if people are willing to buy it. The process of launching an online shop can be confusing and overwhelming. Well, you’re in luck, as this article will give you a walkthrough of the steps involved in building a Shopify store.

Shopify is an all-in-one commercial system, that offers  you to use the company’s web design, ecommerce, and product management tools in exchange for a monthly fee. It is a solid tool for beginners on the Internet, and people who don’t want to spend too much time and money on development. It’s all packaged into one product; Simply choose a template, upload your products and start selling online. Setting up an ecommerce store is no longer a matter of incessant form-filling and complex navigation on the Internet. Set up your online Shopify store is just a few minutes! 

Step 1: Sign Up 

Head over to the Shopify website and click on Get Started. Fill in your email address, password and store name.

The following page will ask you to fill in your personal information; your name, address and phone number. All of this will be used to configure currencies and tax rates.

After you click Next, you will be prompted by Shopify to specify how much you plan to sell, and if you’re already selling. Click on Enter My Store button when finished.

Step 2: Add a Product to Your Shopify Store

The Add product page will prompt you to enter details like title, description, price, and vendor. Feel free to fill in as much of the product page you’d like. Make sure to save the product at the end.

Step 3: Design Your Site’s Look

Remember: looks matter! Go to the main dashboard, and click on Customize the Look of Your Site. This area asks you to choose anything from logos to colors for your store.  Browse through the hundreds of themes in Shopify to make your site look appealing to your customers.

Step 4: Setup Your Domain

After choosing the design and template for your website, it’s time to select a domain 

Go to the dashboard and click on Add a Domain. This asks if you want to transfer an existing domain or register a new one. Choose the domain you like and walk through the steps to make the purchase. 

Upon activation, go to that particular domain and have a look at your website. 

Step 5: Activate Your Payment Processor

Click on the Payments button to the left of the dashboard. Select from the dozens of payment processors. Shopify also offers its own payment processor. Walk through the steps to activate your payment processor. You can now accept payments and add them to your account.

After you complete all these steps, click on the Launch Website button to activate the store. Your site is now officially live! You now have your own fully functional Shopify store.


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