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Top Fashion Female YouTubers for 2019-2020


Vloggers possess fashion statements that speak volume of their tastes and the mark that they have made over the years. These YouTubers have followers that seek something that is off the beat and totally new. We have tried to bring to you the Top Fashion Female YouTubers for 2017-2018 who are going to help you in your everyday fashion with their experience and exquisite tips

1) Zoella

This fashion monger is London-based and has thousands of followers on the YouTube. She has garnered fame because of her unique style in which she gives away all the tips and this is what makes her Top Female YouTubers for 2019-2020. 

Every day she speaks of her private life and the fashion sense that she has matched up with it alongside her cute dog Nala and her equally famous YouTuber Alfie Days. 

Having to partner with ASOS and WHSmith, Zoella has learned the ethics of fashion and is venturing to launch her very own book club. 

Her original name is BTW Zoe Sugg.

2) Victoria Magrath

With exquisite looks and very different white hair, this diva has gathered more than 600,000 followers on her vlog. 

She also shares her views about fashion but in a very different way. She incorporates her experience and her taste into an everlasting symphony of vogue that is accepted widely and also followed.

3) Dulce Candy

This Top Fashion Female YouTuber has a full name: Dulce Candy Tejada. She has everything in store for everyone with fashion needs. 

From makeup to dresses, DIY or hairstyles, whatever it is that you need to be educated about, its right here on this YouTube channel. 

Not just this, this vlogger has a unique way of inviting everyone and making them stay put on her channel for the rest of their lives. 

4) Chriselle Lim

The one thing that makes this vlogger stand out among the rest is the humorous way she narrates her videos. 

Lim is very talented because she can transform any piece of clothing into the most fashionable apparel. This teaches everyone the importance of recycling old clothes as well as the way to do it fashionably.

Her expertise has led her into partnering with brands like Target and Estee Lauder. 

5) Sammy Robinson

Talking about fashion in Australia, there is nothing that can hold Aussies back. With having divas like Robinson who are internationally acclaimed through YouTube with followers more than 300,000.

In Australia, she has collaborated with brands of the likes Topshop Australia and Benefit.

6) Tanya Burr 

Among the Top Fashion Female YouTubers for 2019-2020, this girl is different. She not only has the mojo to give everyday tips but also has the guts to pull off her start-up of cosmetics line-up Tanya Burr Cosmetics. 

Her YouTube Channel has more than 3 million subscribers. 

There are many of these new age divas that are making their way into the horizon of fashion with their unflinching methods. If you are interested in meeting more of them, please go here and here.


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