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The Future of Autonomous Car Industry


The time that the Autonomous Cars will be on the roads is nearer than ever.

The innovation in cars machines are nearer and car makers are trying hard to be the one to put their Autonomous Car models on the road. 

According to Driverless Future, there are a lot of tech giants and car makers who are envisioning and even sanctioning their next level cars which would be driven by the computers and totally different than the cars we know – at least in the tech zone.

So, let us see some of those advancements.

NVIDIA announces computer for Autonomous Cars

The march of 2017 saw the first venture of NVIDIA in launching AI Autonomous Cars computer. The stage was provided by Bosch who is joining NVIDIA in this innovation.

Incorporating the Xavier technology of NVIDIA, this AI platform is believed to have level 4 autonomy – a level given by the automotive car industry to this computer. It will be able to process up to 30 trillion of information in order to learn about the environment with the power usage of only 30 watts.

All of this will be available to the market by the end of 2018. 

Audi’s Autonomous Car

This car giant is partnering with NVIDIA to bring about an Autonomous Car by 2020 (just three years from now). 

In CES, the head of the Audi, Scott Keough said, “We’re talking highly automated cars, operating in numerous conditions, in 2020,”, mentioning how determined his company is to be the first in letting automated cars to the roads. 

Adding to this he said that the prototype was already driving itself just outside the venue where he was addressing. 

This car also is believed to be having the Level 4 Autonomy as described earlier. 

Ford announces Autonomous Cars also!

“We are not in a race to be first,” Ford CEO Mark Fields said while announcing their efforts to help speed the process of the Autonomous Cars to be available in near future that is by 2021. 

The company is seen investing billions in the tech agencies of the Silicon Valley. 

Although there are things that are still not made clear, it is confirmed that this car making company is heading in the direction towards obtaining a status in the autonomic car industry as Fields states that “all option is open and on the table.”

Delphi and Mobileye to rival NVIDIA in Autonomous Car computers

By 2019, the huge auto-suppliers are expecting to bring about the computer for Autonomous Cars. This computer will be based on the Level 4 autonomy that can be used with many types of cars. 

This is what makes this effort seamless as the computers they are trying to produce will be for every car – for small cars to larger SUVs.

As Intel is predicting a lucrative market for the Autonomous Car industry: a whopping $7 trillion, there are still many advancements to be made in order to produce systems that will hit the road by as near as 2025.


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