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Top Public Transportation Apps for 2019-2020


Transportation has changed a great deal these days with the advent of apps that are launched by cab providers to ensure feasibility and ease when it comes to public moving. Top Public Transportation Apps for 2019-2020 is the list below which will introduce you to the transportation methods you can try and also the apps that help you with it. 

The benefit of using these apps is the ease with which you can get around. Also, these apps charge you far lesser than the local cab systems. 

Apart from this, the cars offered in this method of transportation are all well looked after so that they can give the customers the best of the experience in their lives. 

The list goes as:

1) UberCab

Uber has revolutionized the way we order cabs. This app is known by everyone who wishes to ride smartly their destinations. Among the Top Public Transportation Apps for 2017-2018, this app is seamlessly the best. 

The reasons for this is the interface of the app and also the ability of this app to estimate the most affordable fares possible to take you from A to B.

Uber was created in keeping the ease for general masses in mind and it has proved over the years that it is doing what it was created for despite being controversial for the taxi drivers locally.

2)  Avego Driver

Avego Driver is the Transportation App that helps individuals with carpools.

Although there are many apps that enable you to do this; however, what makes this app different is the attempt to let you pool a car from anywhere not just the carpool spots. 

Whether it is casual commuting or any ridesharing, this app saves you most of your time going around begging for other to take you. Why do that when you have Avego that can let your carpool in no time and hassle. 

3) Zipcar

Zip car is also a car-sharing app. What makes it different from the others is the ability to let you search for available cars which can not only take you to your destination but also take your stuff – those large bags of yours to wherever you want. 

Other carpool services or car sharing services might tell you to see somewhere else if you have huge luggage, but Zipcar doesn’t do this. And this is why you would not have to contact those big rentals out there.

4) TaxiMagic

If you are in America and have trouble finding a taxi, then TaxiMagic is for you. With working in over 45 cities in America and 85 taxi fleets, this app lets you board on a taxi in no time. There is no fuss about it. The app is available both for Android and iOS.

The Top Public Transportation Apps for 2019-2020 list comes to an end here. We hope you have learned from this and are looking forward to using them. This list has been possible with the help from here and here.


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