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Best Value Per Quality Cheap Eats / Restaurants in US


If you are the kind of person ready to spend little but eat more then there are restaurants for you to try in the US. These restaurants are although cheap in costs, but they have made their mark when it comes to culinary perfection. This article will walk you through the Best Value Per Quality Cheap Eats in the US.

1) Hash House A Go Go

This restaurant is situated in the Sahara Ave. Las Vegas. It is the type of restaurant that is going to set you on a journey of unending delights on your table with a budget that is well into the range of your pocket. 

Everything served here are of high quality and taste. House Hashes in the breakfast, Kokomo in the lunch, and Indiana Style Pork in the dinner is what Gayot prefers. 

There is a high demand od the towering Andy’s famous sage with fried chicken and eggs seasoned with bacon mashed potatoes. 

2) Ben’s Chili Bowl

When it comes to Washington, D.C. nobody can neglect the Best Cheap Eat Value per Quality restaurant called Ben’s Chili Bowl. Opened in 1958, it tops the list of the Cheap Eats generated by the Gayot. 

As the name suggests, the dishes served here are hot and romantic. They exude aroma that is bound to make you ask for more. 

Not just this, because of its affordability, this restaurant can gather locals as well as celebs.

3) Mission Chinese Food

Situated in the San Francisco, if you are a Chinese lover then this restaurant must hit your list of must try. 

From the most auspicious and elegant Sichuan-based cuisine, this restaurant features the delights that are cheap and yet spicy.

Thrice Cooked Bacon, Kung Pao Pastrami, and Mouth Watering Chicken are some of the dishes that are attracting people literally in flocks to the Danny Bowien and Anthony Myint owned Cheap Eat.

4) La Taqueria 

Among the Best Cheap Eats in US list this restaurant is also situated in San Francisco. 

Whether it is burritos, tacos, quesadillas and chorizo, the dishes that this restaurant offer are lean and spicy in their best sense. They are a visual delight as well as romantic to the taste buds.

Among the vegetarian line up, the vegetarian burritos cost as less as $4.

There are no deserts in the menus; however, the beers comprising of domestic and Mexican style are available in this pocket-friendly restaurant. 

5) Pok Pok New York

Portland Chef Andy Ricker has managed to subdue everyone in Brooklyn with his Thai delights that are not just delectable but one of the Best Cheap Eat in New York.

The dishes that are the signature of this area are charcoal grilled Niman Ranch pork with garlic. Other than these the exquisite salads from the Thai cuisine which are laden with ingredients such as betel leaf, lemongrass, dry shrimps and what not!

There are many other Top Cheap Eats in the US that can be found here


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