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10 Top Exotic Destinations for the Entire Family


Thinking about spending your precious vacation somewhere? Then here is a list of 10 Top Exotic Destinations for your Entire Family that could match up to your Lifestyle.

1) Aquamare

The Aquamare Estate which spread over an area of 8,000 square feet, is your true retreat if you are looking to spend your vacations in Exotic Destinations. This three villa resort in the Caribbean can cater to the needs of a group as large as having 36 members. 

2) Belize, Central America

If you have a family whose Lifestyle is full of energy and they cannot sit calmly but go hiking every now and then, the destination for them, in this case, is Belize. This beautiful country is stretched with exquisite resorts on one end and jungles in the interior.

3) Jamaica

Jamaica can suit your family is you have a lot of kids in the pool. This particular Caribbean island is affordable and best because it is kid-friendly. The flights from the US arrive here in abundance so you should have no problem going home. 

4) San Jose, Costa Rice

With suspension bridges of the Santa Elena and the rainforests stretching along this country, your family would have no problem in getting out of their monotonous Lifestyle and get on with connecting with each other again.

5) Stockholm, Sweden

By visiting here, give your kids the treats they deserve. Form interactive exhibits to free bus rides for them; from many gardens to playgrounds, this city is going to give them a dose of newness for their lives.

6) Barcelona

For a newlywed couple, Barcelona has the most cherished spots to celebrate their beginning of a new life. It’s nightclubs. Its architectural feats and the thin alleys leading to wonder, Barcelona is the 3rd best Exotic Family Destination according to US News.

7) South Africa

South Africa is one of the cheapest Vacation Destination for your Family if they have a Lifestyle of being animal lovers. 

This land boasts one of the most affordable hoteling prices accompanied by the Airbnb if you are thinking about renting a private villa. 

8) Krakow, Poland

This is a cheaper alternative to Amsterdam where the cultural mechanisms just engulf the visitors with a Lifestyle centered upon values. 

With spending only $66 per day per individual, your family can have most of the town while still maintain the budget. 

9) Pokhara, Nepal

In Nepal, Pokhara is one of the cheapest camping city with only $28 dollars per day budget. 

So, if you have a large family thirsty to see some natural wonders of the great Himalaya, then Pokhara is for you.

10) Heron Island, Australia

This 109-room resort is located among the pandanus trees with sandy beaches encompassing the parameters and can provide you the view of both its lands and the clear sea. 

So, this was the list of 10 Top Exotic Destinations for the Entire Family. We hope you have by now picked your destination according to your Lifestyle.


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